Our Voyage through the Down East Circle Route

Down East Circle RouteOur Route

We will leave Cape Cod (Bosun’s Marine in Falmouth) with the boat on May 20, head SW along MA, RI and CT shorelines to Bronx, NY and stay at a marina there for the night. That’s a 185 mile run. We’ll then cruise around the Statue of Liberty, lower Manhattan, etc. the next day and then head up the Hudson River. We’ll spend next 5 days on the Hudson River. Just above Albany, NY, at Waterford, NY we’ll enter the Erie Canal and head west for about 160 miles, spending several days on the canal, including crossing Lake Oneida (20 miles long) and we’ll get almost to Syracuse, NY where we will take the Oswego Canal north 24 miles to Lake Ontario. We will then head east along southern shore of Lake Ontario to headwaters of St. Lawrence River and the Thousand Islands area. There is lots boating and water activities in this area. We will then head over 740 east downstream on the St. Lawrence River to the ocean, stopping at cities like Montreal and Quebec City and many smaller towns along  the way. At the town of Tadoussac, about 140 miles downstream from Quebec City, we’ll head north up the Saguenay Fjord for a side-trip and back. We’ll then continue east to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River with the Gaspe peninsula (Quebec Province) to our south. We’ll round the Gaspe and head south along the Bay of Chaleurs to New Brunswick, stopping in towns such as Caraquet, Newcastle and Chatham, Bouctouche and Shediac before heading east and crossing the Northumberland Strait to Summerside, Prince Edwards Island. From there we’ll cruise to Charlottetown, PEI, tour the island, and then head to Nova Scotia, going through the Canso Strait and Canal/lock to Port Hawkesbury. From there we’ll head east to St. Peters and then into the beautiful Bras d’Or Lake (60 miles long) where we will go through the locks and head all the way to Sydney at the far tip of Nova Scotia. From there we will head south and west along the Nova Scotia coastline to visiting towns like Halifax, Lunenburg, Lockeport, Shelburne and finally Yarmouth at the very western tip on NS. From there we’ll cross the Bay of Fundy to Bar Harbor, Maine (a 100 mile crossing). We’ll then follow the coast west along Maine stopping in places like Camden, Booth Bay Harbor, Portland and Portsmouth, NH and then finally to Gloucester, Salem and Boston before heading through the Cape Cod Canal to Buzzards Bay and finally back to Falmouth on Cape Cod.

The total trip as we have planned it will be 3,500 miles.


Our Voyage through the Down East Circle Route — 10 Comments

    • Hi wfh, we will be passing the Waterford area on about May 26 or so. I’ll get back to you as we get closer.

      iboats’ Captain,

  1. Wow, Do I ever envy you both. I have traveled a portion of your trip before and it is beautiful. Two years ago did a trip from Annapolis to Booth bay on a slow trawler, got to see many beautiful places. I am quite familiar with the Bra Dor lake and the canals in that area. I will be with you on your trip but in my rocking chair. God bless and smooth sailing. Fred

    • Thanks Fred for the reply. Sounds like you saw some of the really beautiful areas we are very excited to see also. When did you make your trip in this area? Please follow along as we will be posting comments and pictures almost daily as we travel.

      iboats’ Captain,

      • Bruno. My Wife is from Newfoundland and we have traveled back to the Island countless times.
        The drive there runs by the Bra D’or and we have taken many side trips around and through the lake area.
        If you think that you will have time to read, please pick up one of the most enjoyable books that I have read called ” A boat that wouldn’t float”. Part of this voyage takes place in the area that you will be traveling. The Author is a very controversial author who writes the most enjoyable sea tales I have ever read. Two other books he has written are “The serpents coil” and “Grey seas under”. These are only a few of his works and I guarantee that you will agree with me that they represent the greatest reading from the North Atlantic.

        After reading these I am certain that you will plan your next voyage to the South coast of Newfoundland.

        • Have not read these books yet but will watch for them. We are very excited to cruise the Bra O’or area as we have heard and read of it’s beauty and excellent boating. Thanks Fred.

          iboats’ Captain

  2. Bob and I will be watching and enjoying your adventure. Thanks for letting us in! Love to you both. Faun

    • Hi Faun and Bob,
      How nice of you to wish us well as we start our adventure. Please do keep watching as we will be posting almost daily. Warmest regards.

      iboats’ Captain,

    • We are enjoying our trip as we drive east. We’ve been able to visit family and friends along the way. Wow, our country is so beautiful….so much variety. We’ve traveled through a lot of rain and have enjoyed seeing so much GREEN! I love it.
      Hugs, iboats First Mate!

      • hi cari and Bruno, enjoyed the visit, so glad to see you. will keep track of your trip. our prayers are with you on your adventure. didn’t realize that you are covering 3500 miles!!!. regards, john and linda