New York – East River – Day 2

Our 2nd day. Heading to New York City via the East River, from the western end of Long Island Sound where we spent the night in City Island, Bronx, NY.

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New York – East River – Day 2 — 6 Comments

  1. Bruno, I followed your trip through your postings. Curious how much fuel you used for the trip?
    And what the average GPM worked out to be. I have been to many of the places you stopped at and really enjoyed seeing them again through your trip. Traveling on a fast power boat is a lot different than traveling by sail where everything is in slow motion. Thanks for the pictures that you posted. Fred

    • Hi Fred and thanks for the post about our trip. As you know, the amount of fuel you use depends on what kind and size of boat and motor(s) you use and how fast or slowly you go. If we had been on a 180 foot yacht we would have used many tens of thousands of gallons of fuel at 12 to 25 mph and we could not have gone in and out of all the fun but smaller places. If we had been on a 32-50′ sailboat with a kicker engine that was only used a few times we could have used under 100 gallons of fuel and averaged 4-6 miles per hour.
      In our case we used under 3000 gallons of gas on the 3500 mile trip and averaged from 1 GPM to 3 or 4 miles per gallon depending on how fast or slowly we drove during that day. It all depended on how fast or slowly we wanted to go at any given point…and that will vary a lot depending on the captain and the other people on board. I personally love to sail and that has been the way most people have done the Down East Circle Route in the past. What we really liked about our trip with a cruiser-type power boat was the idea of being able to go fast (25-35+ MPH) when we wanted to…such as going the 120 miles between two places such as Yarmouth, NS and Bar Harbor, Maine. We enjoyed the time on the water that day, but we also got from point A to point B in just 3-4 hours. There were many times, however, when we wanted to go very slowly and really enjoy the calmness or local scenery. You can do that easily in a power boat, taking a lot of extra time to look at things and staying in places you want to and then you can crank up the engines if you want to and really get to that next port in a hurry if that’s what you want to do.
      Hope this gives you some thoughts on what we found and experienced.

      iboats’ Captain,


    • Thank you so much! We appreciate all of you…the best of the best!

      iboats’ Captain

      Bruno (III)

  2. Love your pictures today. Such great memories of when we lived there. Looks like a beautiful day!

    • We kept remembering.the things we did in different parts of the city I.e. driving by the United Nations Building, driving up the East River Parkway, driving down 5th Avenue and seeing a sign on a pole: “Don’t even think of parking here”. Lots of memories!