Erie Canal – Day 6

Today we are on the Erie Canal. Had a great time with family and friends.

Bruno IV and Bruno V joining us on the Erie Canal

Bruno IV and Bruno V joining us on the Erie Canal

Schenectady Yacht Club

Schenectady Yacht Club

Bruno's fender boards with Taylor Made fenders

Bruno’s fender boards with Taylor Made fenders


Erie Canal – Day 6 — 3 Comments

  1. Amazing that you’ve gone through 9 locks and only once had another boat! Glad to hear the weather is getting warmer for you. We are enjoying hearing all the names of the places from our past – like the Catskills – and now Schenectady and the Eerie Canal. Fun FUN! Especially neat that Bruno IV and V could join you – we didn’t realize they were going to be able to do that. Please let us know ASAP when you hear from SLC – on pins and needles as I’m sure you are too.
    Love, Beth

  2. Bruno and Cari:
    It’s good to see that you made it safely to the Erie Canal at this point of your adventure. You’re great adventurers! In more ways than one! Your house looks fine, and Cari’s flowers are still beautiful. Be safe, and stay afloat.

    Richard Bay

    • Thanks Richard. Glad to hear that the flowers are still alive and well. After a couple of days of rain it looks like we’ll have 2-3 days of warmer and sunny weather…more like upstate New York should be getting at this time of year. What a shame that this spring has been so cold in the northeast. It sure has put a damper on boating for too many people. This is such a wonderful sport that I hate to see a Memorial Day weekend go by with such little boating activity. In talking to the Erie Canal workers at each lock they say that they usually see 4-8 boats in each lock by this time of year, going east or west. We have now gone through 9 locks heading west and we were all by ourselves except once when 1 other boat joined us in a lock. NOT good! Time for the boating season to kick into high gear!

      Looking forward to seeing you in August!