Catskills Creek – Day 4

Waking up on Day 4

Sunken Barge

End of day 4, entering the harbor to spend the night on Catskills Creek at Riverview Marine.


Someone’s pride and joy in days gone by…


Someone’s added a touch to their porch in the town of Catskills.


The city of Catskills has these decorated cats throughout the Main Street.


Catskills Creek – Day 4 — 3 Comments

  1. It is being so much fun to follow your trip here on Boating Tales! The pictures and video footage are awesome. You’re right Cari, it DOES remind you of the inland waterway views of the southern USA.
    Love, Beth, Darian and Yan

  2. Hi Bruno Mike From RiverVIEW (not Riverside) Marine in Catskill here. thanks for staying with us. I really enjoyed our chat on the dock while you were here. I hope your trip is all you hope it to be and more. Good Luck! By the way your boat is awesome!

    • Mike, Thank you. I’ve made the correction. We certainly enjoyed our stay in Riverview. Thanks!