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Cari and Bruno, living their golden years to the fullest, love boating and fishing, whether on a lake, a river or the ocean. With their 5 married children and 22 grandkids, they have enjoyed a lot of good times on the water.

They call home Salt Lake City, Utah, but keep their boat (Pursuit OS 345 powered by 2 Yamaha 350s) moored on Cape Cod (Bosun’s Marine) and Martha’s Vineyard.



Cari, a native of Roswell, New Mexico – that’s where she got her love for the ocean! – collects fish recipes and is an amazing cook. She loves doing family history research, quilting, cruising on their boat, being with the grandchildren and helping others. Her biggest fish so far is a 9 lb. lake trout from Quetico, Ontario, Canada; a 14 lb. striped bass and an 11 lb. bluefish both from Wasque Point., Massachusetts and a 30+ lb. king salmon from Craig, Alaska.



Bruno, born in Fargo, North Dakota, grew up in the Midwest and Brazil. He also spent vacations with his grandparents who lived on Martha’s Vineyard. This is where his love of the area developed. He loves everything that has to do with water…every kind of fishing, plus sailing, diving, skiing, river rafting and canoeing. He loves to take family and friends on their boat and help them catch fish of all kinds. His personal biggest fish to date are a 320 lb. bluefin tuna, (east of Chatham, MA), a 36 lb. striper, an 88 lb. channel catfish (Manaus, Brazil) and a 230 lb. nurse shark.

Their boat is named (in big letters on each side and on the stern) “iboats.com”, named after the company that Bruno and his son (Bruno IV) started in 1998. The company sells boat parts and accessories online to boaters worldwide, lists thousands of boats for sale, and offers the largest boating-related forums on the Internet. Bruno and Cari are devout Christians and active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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  1. Hi Bruno and Cari
    Glad to hear that you are having a great trip
    Don’t forget to stop in Mahone Bay on your way would love to hear about your experiences.

    • Hi Pat. We are on our way to Mahone Bay tomorrow and plan to cruise as much of it as we can…and the we will be staying 2 nights in Lunenburg. Stay posted for comments.

      iboats’ Captain,


    • Hi Sophie. It was great meeting you and hopefully in some future trip we can take you up on your suggestion that we visit the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Keep following us and forward us to your friends.

      All the best.


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